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Post by BrokenWingsAdmin on Tue Jul 21, 2015 6:00 pm

Please introduce yourself in this post.
I go by Lily, or you can just call me Admin. Whatever works for you.
Forum rules are as follows, and may change as our group grows larger.
1) No trolling, please. I left MPA because of this. No calling people names, degrading them, or making fun of them in any way. Lets not be like that.
2) If you do not have an eating disorder (diagnosed or not) and you are just here to get weight loss tips, you can leave right now. I do not condone anyone getting sick because they were just having poor judgement. This place is for people who are suffering.
3) Just generally get along with each other. I will in the future make people admins as they show their loyalty and I am not afraid to ban people from here.

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